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Pricing | KitePress

eBook Production

Refer to notes below for more information.  For distribution pricing click here


The pricing for the eBook production stated above assumes that we would deliver the finished eBook files to you and you would upload and manage the distribution to the retailers.

*Conversion for a picture book up to 32 pages is included in the price. The page counts include the covers (front and back), end-papers, and any blank pages because those are created the same way as other pages in the eBook.

**Professional read aloud recording up to 1000 words by our in-house artist included. Click here to hear the voice sample

**Kindle Format 8, Amazon’s update to the older Mobipocket format, also includes a proprietary fixed layout format. Unlike iBooks and Nook Kids, currently KF8 doesn’t support read-aloud or other enhanced features.

****Apple’s iBookstore supports three different eBook formats: the standard ePub for text heavy books; fixed-layout eBook format for illustrated books that maintains the design and page layout of the book e.g. children’s picture, cook books, travel books etc. and iBooks author format for textbooks. Fixed-layout format in iBooks app also supports read-aloud narration feature; read-aloud with word-highlighting and light animations. The price for word-highlighting is limited to pictures books with highlighting for 1000 words or less.

*****Barnes and Noble has its own proprietary format for fixed layout eBook files. The format is only intended for children’s eBooks. Like iBooks, it supports read-aloud feature , a text-block level replay and light animations.

eBook Distribution (Optional) – $200 Flat Fee

SachManya, the parent company of KitePress is an authorized distributor with world’s leading retailers of children’s eBooks: Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Kids, and Amazon’s Kindle.  KitePress charges a one-time flat fee of $200 [you keep 100% of eBook sales] for distributing to the eBook stores listed previously.  Here are the highlights of our distribution services: